Palais Grand Ducal


The Palais Grand Ducal (Palace of the Grand Dukes) serves as the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The building was first constructed in 1572 by Adam Roberti. Originally, it housed the city's town hall. In 1728, it was renovated and later expanded in 1741. Next, the palace served as the headquarters of the Department of Forets during the French administration of Luxembourg in 1795. Then, in 1871, the palace took shape as the home of the Governor, the representative of the Dutch Grand Dukes. In preparation for a visit by Grand Duke William III and his spouse, Grand Duchess Emma, the building was renovated in 1883. The palace was reserved solely for the Grand Duke and his family in 1890. A new wing was added to the building along with extensive renovations under the direction of Grand Duke Adolphe. The new wing hosted guest accommodations and family rooms ad designed by Belgian architect Gedeon Bordiau and Charles Arendt, the state architect. Like several other buildings in Luxembourg, the Nazis utilized the palace during the German occupation of World War II. At this time, the structure served as a tavern and concern hall. A large portion of the palace's art collection and furniture were ruined during the occupation. In 1945, the Grand Duchess Charlotte returned from exile and the palace continued to serve as the seat of the Grand Ducal Court. The palace was completely restored between 1991 and 1996. Today, its interior is set to accommodate modern décor and standards of comfort. Along with serving as the official residence of the Grand Duke, the palace welcomes foreign heads of states and other guests of the family. A ballroom in the palace is used for state banquets and throughout the year several receptions take place on the grounds. Most notably, the palace is home to a grand New Year's reception held for the Chamber of Deputies and government members.





Palais Grand Ducal Rue du Marché aux Herbes
1728 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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